Yeti SB 5.5C – 29er

Another Worthy 29er?

“Last year at Sea Otter you could have come to the conclusion that the 29er was an endangered species…”

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WTF is Jeffsy?

YT's Burly Big Wheeler

This isn’t you Uncle’s 29er. YT claims it’s the most aggressive big wheeler on the market – and they tell us Cam Zink and Aaron Gwin agree…

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Hope HB.211 – Carbon bike Project

“We never considered if it would be profitable to make our own bike in the UK. But maybe it will be…”

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How to Win Lourdes with Rachel Atherton

The View from On Top

See what it took to conquer the track at Lourdes while standing head and shoulders above the competition…

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2017 Norco Optic – 29 and 27.5

Words - Perry Schebel

Norco has launched two new bikes as an evolution of the Sight – the Optic in 29 (110mm travel) and 27.5 (120mm travel) and Perry Schebel rode both…

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Shimano Deore XT Di2 Launched

Deore XT goes electronic

“…it was always going to be the XT version of Di2 that would be of greater interest to the bike-buying public.”

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Urge Unveils the Down-o-Matic RR

A Full-On Full Face Helmet

A fresh new lid with an unusual material underneath the paint job…

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Sam Hill and Team CRC at Lourdes

Scrub This Video

This video starts off slowly – but from the 5:00 mark on is worth your viewing time with some great riding and filming…

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Reece Wallace – RAW on the SHORE

Angry Bees

Reece Wallace takes us on a stylish tour of Boogie Nights – a recent line on Mount Seymour – serenaded by his new Industry 9 hub…

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Chill vibes from Della Creek

Good times, great riding

“…Spring is coming on hard in BC and that means road trip time. Good vibes all around in this little beauty from Della Creek.”

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Only 40 Produced

The muted components and paint make this stand out from recent Santa Cruz machines – and since there are only 40 that makes sense…

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Santa Cruz Syndicate Thumb

Sending it With the Santa Cruz Syndicate

Ratboy, Minnaar and Peaty are Back!

Follow the lads as they get prepped for the first World Cup race of 2016, and have a spot of fun along the way.

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Richie Rude / Cody Kelley / New Zealand

Spectacular Riding - Ridiculous Scenes

This is one of the most beautifully shot pieces – boosted by spectacular riding – we’ve seen in a very long time…

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Are Product Reviews Full of Sh!t?

Ask Uncle Dave

“How have we collapsed inward to a state where product reviews aren’t worth the damn megabyte they consume…”

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Rocky Mountain Pipeline Thumb

Introducing the Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Plus Size, Shore Style

Take the ‘stupid lines’ and just flow straight through them…

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