Chumba Rastro 27.5 – Long Term Review

Real Steel

A hardtail will force you to keep your lazy line choices in check, and is, in my opinion, a whole lot of fun…

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The Kiwis

Not Your Typical Birds

Brook MacDonald and George Brannigan are tough as nails while they tear up trails all over the world…

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Stevie Smith and Connor Fearon

Ripping Van Isle

Stevie shows Connor Fearon some of his home turf trails…

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Your Brain on Riding

Words - Cam McRae

“On those days I begin dreaming about going pro mid ride, imagining a Red Bull sponsorship…”

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Whoa, Whips and Whistling!

Featuring Noah Brousseau

Gonna have to watch again to catch the whistling, but this vid is definitely heavy on Whoa and Whips.

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Ask Uncle Dave – Bring It

Dave is Disappointed

Wear some kind of strange piece of clothing and then pretend that you’re from Eastern Europe…

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Kali Maya Helmet: Reviewed

Words - Matthew Lee

A wallet-friendly half shell loaded with high-end features…

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One Lap Lars and Luke On Xanadu

Vital One Lap

Xanadu follows a spectacular ridge line taking advantage of rock faces, berms and jumps along the way…

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Brendan Fairclough in Portugal

Absolutely Smashing

Brendan Fairclough heads to the hills of Portugal for some off-season shredding.

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Hey Neighbour – Bjørn Enga

Radical Neighbour

Bjørn witnessed freeride’s awkward youth, and he was still around to record its coming of age…

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Eddie Masters Loves Fatbikes

I'd Like 10 Big Macs

“Seriously – they climb like when Lance Armstrong was on drugs…”

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Rise Of Enduro – Squamish

Unbelievably Fast

Mind bending speeds – or software bending speeds? Great footage of top riders ripping Squamish trails…

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How To Be A Filmmaker

Follow These Steps

Matt Dennison and IFHT would like to show you all of their tricks – and take the piss…

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Weekend Warmup

Big Hucks Edition

Just giving ‘er off of every surface imaginable…

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2015 Pearl Izumi X-Project 1.0

Words - Jon Harris

Smooth seamless styling, a carbon sole (you can walk in), double Boas and a tuneable insole make this one sophisticated show…

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